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By Debora Christy Love

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We are all in this together. No matter where we stand in our personal evolution this last year has brought many changes for everyone. We are all being pushed now to new limits. You can find much information out there as to every detail but in generalities we are as humans being upgraded. From the quantum level up we are actually changing to become crystalline rather than carbon based.
You may have noticed the roller coaster of emotional triggering that has been happening to you and around you. Triggering is often something we go to great lengths to avoid. But that does not bring about healing. Being triggered is about having ones most vulnerable emotions brought up to the surface to be released as yet one more small layer of the onion is pealed. It does not happen all at once, that would be too much. If you noticed you’re on repeat with the same issues coming into play over and over be sure that it is making some headway even if you feel out of control. It is not just there to make you miserable. In fact it is a sure sign of true healing the day you realize that your old triggers are not happening any longer. In time you may even get to the point of smiling when you remember them. Those things that you know used to drive you crazy can be right there and you just feel pretty neutral about it all. That is true peace of mind and it is very probable that you will never repeat that same lesson again.

This is going on on a wide scale and it can make the whole world seem even more unpredictable than normal. The best thing we can do is simply the best we can each day and be kind and loving to yourself and those you encounter. You just never know what another is dealing with at any given moment. Reprioritize and stay in the moment as best you can. We do not have to know what lies two steps ahead. Each moment has always led to the next now and we can enjoy more by staying present. Let your heart choose activities that bring you joy or peace when possible and look just a little deeper for that positive in every situation.
Knowing that change is the only constant in this universe is meant to help you make peace with that. You can’t fight life itself. Each breath taken, each second’s passing is a new experience. We are all energy and energy is eternal. We have always existed and will always exist in one form or another, your consciousness remains.

There is a definate light at the end of this but there is no going around it or avoidance. It will find each of us and we will all feel the growing pains but we will all emerge like that butterfly and the struggles will all be forgotten in the new and expanded version of Love itself…You!

Debora Christy Love is a Certified Hypnotist, Past Life Regressionist, Reiki Master, Quantum Touch Practitioner, Clairvoyant Reader/Consultant and Author

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